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The Roses Mini Saga Competition

Think you can write a saga,

in 50 words?

You can? Then enter our competition.


What is a Mini Saga?

A mini saga is a fun way to tell a story in 50 words exactly, with a title of no more than 5 words.

It should have a beginning, a middle and an end, and some period of time should pass through the story.

It should have gravity. That’s to say, it should make a point which has some drama or psychological truth. It must aim, in fact, to be a saga in miniature.

The Guidelines and Rules

Any theme is accepted and the number of entries is unlimited. The fee is £2 per entry. Members of the following writing groups, Huntingdon Writers, Mendlesham Writers and Needingworth Scribblers are permitted three free entries each in 2023 due to their support with the launch.

The deadline day for all submissions is by 11.59 pm on 28 February 2023.

Submissions should be made here and an entry form should be visible below for collection of the 2023 round of entries from the 10th December 2022. If it is not there please click HERE instead and you will be taken to the form.

Once you have entered you will be contacted by email for payment of the entry fee via Paypal. Please note your entry will not be complete until payment has been made.

Any entries found not to comply with the rules will be returned for further editing and resubmission.

Hyphenated words: Please include standard hyphenated words as shown in the Oxford English Dictionary. Words such as fell-walking or over-the-counter count as one word.

Years, written in the form of numbers, eg. 2020, 1968, will count as one word.

There will be two independent judges and all entries will be anonymously sent to them for judging.

Mini sagas previously entered, and even awarded prizes, in other competitions may be entered, and revised entries from 2021 and 2022 may also be entered.

Entries are to be written in English only.


£75 first prize, £50 second prize, £25 third prize and, new for 2023, £15 highly commended.

Prizes provided by Cambridge Projects (hereinafter called the ‘Publisher’) will be paid to the winners via Paypal.

Award Announcement

The Awards will be announced by email on 30 April 2023.


The winning entries and any other entries chosen at the discretion of the Publisher will be included in an anthology of mini sagas which will be available to buy from Amazon as either an eBook or paperback by the 1 July 2023. Copyright for each mini-saga will remain with the author.

The Roses Mini Sagas Anthology 2022 has now been published with you can find HERE or by clicking on the book cover image below.

The Roses Mini Sagas Anthology 2021 has now been published with you can find HERE or by clicking on the book cover image below.

The Roses Mini Sagas Anthology 2020 has now been published which you can find HERE or by clicking on the book cover image below.

Email Addresses

All email addresses for submissions made will be added to a mailing list at Mailchimp for the purposes of keeping entrants informed about anything to do with the competition, including the announcement of awards. Entrants will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time and the email addresses will not be passed on to any third party.


8 thoughts on “The Roses Mini Saga Competition

  1. Hi there! A friend told me about this competition today, and I squeezed my entry in before the deadline. I’m waiting on a PayPal invoice and am a bit nervous about my entry not counting if I don’t pay by midnight. Please let me know. Thanks!


    1. No problem, Carol. Your entry is in and that’s what counts. I will be sending the final list of entries to the other Rose today and an invoice will come your way. Thanks so much for entering, we are delighted you beat the deadline!

      Liked by 1 person

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